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RPA Is Bringing The Transformation!

Our Process Is Revolutionary

Alongside premier technologies in the RPA and intelligent automation market, Deep Digital takes efficiency to a whole new level. With a more engaged, more efficient and more agile workforce, we are a business-outcome driven business with our clients in mind. Providing proper education surrounding the evolution of the automation industry, Deep Digital implements and focuses on efficiencies in your processes and technological skills by structuring sustainable business models featuring four critically intelligent automation factors.
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RPA Kickstarts The Process

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a process which enhances efficiency by automating processes utilizing bots. The technical terminology for ‘bots’ are software programmed to repeatedly perform actions which learn over time to allow employees more time to do meaningful work. If you are a high-volume, business-rules driven company with repeated processes, RPAs are your solution.
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Speeding Up The Data Capturing Process With OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a specialized program designed to accelerate the ability to converting semi-structured (and unstructured) data into specific formats for easy automation using RPA. Capturing and leveraging technologies like data capturing, machine learning and document imaging, OCR is becoming smarter in order to improve process automations to enable organizations to expand their businesses, rather than the operational costs. Intelligent OCR is able to automate at a higher pace and percentage of processes to enhance overall ROI and time-to-market.
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Improving Velocity and Accuracy using ML

Through statistical modeling and algorithms, Machine Learning (ML) can learn and improve accuracy and decision-making without programming. Usually a very high volumes of data is required, which makes it easier once RPA is initiated. ML thrives with custom and pre-built algorithms which already have a high ROI. ML can extract keywords out of contractual documents, automatically classify keywords, read invoices or billing documents with high accuracy.
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Adding Agility & Process Improvement Insights

Most companies are dabbling in Artificial Intelligence (AI) today, but it is more difficult than most think. With its ability to take unstructured data and leverage it to provide more speed and efficiency, AI has become a great advantage for many companies. AI is often defined as the capability of a machine to perform and learn to improve upon tasks which generally required human intelligence and interaction. Things like speech recognition, decision-making abilities, visual recognition, natural language processing and other ‘human-esque’ abilities have become possible, and prevalent through AI technologies. It is often discussed and considered an expensive technology, but with Deep Digital, it is a real possibility because we focus on business outcomes at low, fixed-costs.
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Orchestration And Review Makes A True Difference!

Focusing on day-one orchestration, we have got a business-outcome driven solution to help your company achieve efficiency and shorten the period from start to finish. After crucial milestones are achieved, we will revisit the roadmap to review how business outcomes have been influenced by our suggestions and solutions. Part of this process includes constant revisions of the plan to improve the efficiency and innovation of your company, so we are never being stagnant with our clients.
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about us

who we are

A team of professional and innovative leaders with a passion to bring a positive change!

From start to finish, Deep Digital strives to make automative changes to improve your business processes and outcomes; starting with your goal and innovating the process to achieve all your objectives.

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What Makes Us Different?

Data-driven results and agility are necessities for all organizations, now more than ever. With fixed-cost pricing standards, we drive performance and visual, data-driven business results. Automating and improving the efficiency of your processes is our focus. Bridging the gap between technology and business, automated innovation gives your company the competitive edge needed to break the mold. Harnessing the ability to insource specific business processes, our clients are able to lower the overall cost of their process from start to finish.

Our number one priority is to help our clients improve efficiency and embrace the automation revolution through our team of experienced specialists.

Technology Partners

Automation Anywhere

DeepDigital and Automation Anywhere can together support the full range of process automation requirements.It uses software bots to work side by side with people to handle repetitive tasks and data entry in any part of your organization, freeing your workforce to spend time on higher value work.

Automation Anywhere is a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)- a platform on which the world’s leading organizations build world-class Intelligent Digital workforces.

The DeepDigital platform can deliver the deeper process automation needed to orchestrate people, context, information and digital workers on a global scale.

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Caelius Consulting Inc.

Caelius Consulting Inc. (CCI) offers solutions to enterprises to design, build, and manage the entire lifecycle of their API’s, applications, and products. They have extensive experience implementing API-led integration solutions and strive to provide high-quality, future-proof solutions for customers.
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